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Quasar is a web-based utility to record and track call monitoring scores in a telemessaging call center environment. Advanced reporting features allow management a 'big picture' outlook on the kind of quality your clients can expect from your organization, supervisory staff to keep an eye on the performance of their team or shift, and individual agents to stay motivated by tracking their personal rankings and stats.

Quasar was primarily developed by Matt Bogan as an in-house tool at King's Telemessaging. It was initially released to the public at the 2012 TeamSNUG conference, and has since continued to grow and gain new users. As of January 2016, Quasar users have scored over a quarter of a million individual calls for nearly 4,000 different agents.

With development based on the knowledge and understanding of a team from within the TAS industry, Quasar has been able to uniquely address the needs of our users. We pride ourselves on continually creating new features and enhancements that add value for our users' organizations.

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